Sunday, 27 March 2022

Manic crochet designer at work

I'm wide awake in the early hours of 27 Mar but as the clocks have gone forward an hour, we'll be getting up soon anyway. I am super-excited about a new way of working overlay crochet stitches. It came to me as I was trying to think of a way to translate the cross stitch alphabet from a sampler I made years ago into a crochet equivalent and boom! The overlay /M\ and /W\ stitches were born in my head. Two ways of doing it, I really want to grab some yarn and a hook to try it out ipto see if either or both ways work but .... If I get up now to try it, I will wake Diesel, our new dog, he will then need to be let out in the garden and then he'll expect his breakfast. He is Mr Impatient when it comes to eating, After that, our usual weekend routine is MTM will shower, get dressed and take him for a walk whilst I prepare breakfast and get showered myself. No crochet time. Arghhh! Driving me mad, I can't bring forward everybody's day just because I'm feeling manic and want to get on with it!


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