Sunday, 25 July 2010

Not so wild wildlife

Remember the stoat/ferret/whatever incident at the backend of May? Through DH's conversations with our neighbours, we have discovered the night after Missy and I's encounter, it gatecrashed a bar-b-q in our next door neighbours' garden.

Bethany trapped it under a washing basket and called Tom, who moved into one of the houses over the road a few months ago. Apparently he keeps stoats and it turned out to be one of his tame ones that had escaped a couple of days earlier. Tom says it was starving when he got it back. It wasn't charging at me to attack my ankles, it probably thought the human was going to feed him!

Tom has three dogs of his own and that's why it wasn't intimidated by Missy. I feel really bad that I let the poor thing go hungry another day but how on earth was I to know? As an additional plus, I feel very glad to have found out that the wildlife in my garden aren't really all out to get me and I can now stop taking magazines out at night for protection!

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  1. You should have let him in your house and he could've found himself a mouse to eat! Nic pic but just realised it's not him - derr! Let's face it, he ain't gonna pose for a pic for you is he - the hysterical mad woman! ;o)

    Love Sandy xxx

  2. I resemble that remark! :-)
    No meeces in the house at the moment so he still would've gone hungry!


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