Friday, 28 May 2010

Couple of commissions

Here are a couple of new necklaces that were commissioned by customers and hopefully they should be collected from my stall tomorrow.

The above was a very straightforward commission. A customer saw one of my Aeolian Treasure necklaces and loved it but she wanted it all in black. I therefore offered to make another necklace, replacing the turquoise gemstone chips with haematite.

This one was not so straightforward.

The customer asked for a mainly black and red necklace, she was drawn to the Red Jagged Edge necklace but wanted more orange in it and much longer so it could be worn doubled if required but would just go straight over the head when worn full length. The photograph doesn't really show much difference between the reds and oranges, but they are there when you meet the necklace in person! My offer this time was to see what I could come up with and the customer would be under no obligation to buy it if she didn't like it. I only make jewellery I like myself, that way if no-one else does, I can have it! So whilst I'm reasonably certain the first necklace will be well received, I have no idea whether this one will be!

Whilst I'm blogging, I thought I would mention a second freaky wildlife incident that happened to me last night. I was letting the dog out last thing at night before going to bed. I had the outside light on with the door open; I had a copy of Gardening Which? in my hand that I was planning to read in bed before going to sleep.

Suddenly I heard a commotion and looked up to see Missy and another creature squaring up to each other. It looked like a stoat but I think it was a bit bigger than the ones I saw playing in the snow earlier this year. It was so dark and as they were outside the arc of the light, I couldn't be sure but it might've have been a ferret. Either way, both are predators and have a nasty bite and I had visions of having to take Missy to the vet yet again. Despite the difference in size between the two of them, it was impressive that the stoat/ferret/whatevever wouldn't back down and wasn't at all intimidated by the fact that Missy was at least 10 times bigger!

I therefore ran over, picked her up and started to go back into the house and I noticed that the stoat/ferret/whatever was still there; it wasn't intimidated by me either and then ... then ... it started to charge towards me! In alarm I threw my copy of Gardening Which? at it and fled back into the house with Missy growling and grumbling at me in my arms. It was only 4-5 yards away but I slammed the door shut and then looked out of the glazed top and the stoat/ferret/whatever was lurking about right outside the door, it must've followed me! My heart was pumping like mad, after realising that it couldn't get me, this demented creature then went back to my copy of Gardening Which? shook it about a bit, got under it, chucked it up in the air and then ran off into the night leaving me shaking! I made DH go rescue my magazine (telling him to be very careful - all he did was laugh when I told him about it). It took me ages to get to sleep ... I think I prefer the kind of wildlife that visits the garden during the day time!


  1. It would keep me at night behind a closed door too. We had one of Franks scuttlers in yesterday and that was bad enough trying to catch it. I wish he would leave his friends outside. We have bats too, NOT inside... just think how lucky you were to have seen this little creature :-) ha ha..... Brave lady :-)
    x x x

  2. I think our house is mouse-free at the moment though we have had a couple of visitations in the past; thanks for stopping by, Michele! :-)

  3. What?! A killer ferret?! You poor thing! You're not having much fun with wildlife at the mo, are you?

    Funny story, though ..... ;o)

    Laura x

  4. There's been no sign of it since fortunately, though I am taking a magazine with me every time I go in the garden in case I need it! ;-)


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