Tuesday, 21 April 2015

WIPs increasing instead of decreasing

I have finished one of my Works In Progress! It's always such a feeling of achievement when you've made something you're really happy with. This cushion cover on the left, uses short row garter stitch was a joy to make using Sirdar Crofter DK in Thatcher 0065, the short rows and variegated yarn creates the interesting zig zag effect without any changing of colours - s'easy! The pattern I used is the Zig Zag cushion cover from Deramores, you get three other patterns with it so it's good value, I'm definitely tempted to make the Log Cabin one as well.

So my list of WIPs is decreasing ... wrong (of course). I have started not one but two more! I have zero discipline, I know the key to finishing items off is not to buy new yarn and then I won't be tempted to start anything else but just look at this lovely two ply from Lamington Lass!

These squares are going to be joined as I go along and will become yet another lacy scarf (I love lacy scarves!) I've also started an orange one in a different style but not much to see on that one yet.

On top of these new projects, I still have to sort out the edging to this hexagonal version of the rainbow spiral blanket,  I've done this one in more subdued colours so it can be used in my lounge and I wanted a different edging to the hexagonal one to the squares but I've used too many stitches, specially along the half hexagons and so it's gone a bit wrong.

I kept going on it telling myself (like I did when the edging went wrong on the square one) that blocking would take care of it but with every row, it got more and more wobbly. In the end I had to come out of denial and rip the border out.

May all your edges be straight and true. Talk again soon!


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