Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New premises

This morning I made beads for the first time for what seems like absolutely ages. Here is the new beadmaking studio, those are leaves from an ash tree (so I haven't escaped the big Autumn clear up after all but it is a little smaller than the one at Gardener's Cottage so maybe it won't take as long!) Even on a damp and grey November day, the stone looks lovely.

Here's the interior taken from the window end

And here is the reverse angle
I'm going to put up a couple of large pinboards with some posters on so I can get a similar look and feel to my old studio which I have missed so much. I also have an idea to disguise the rafters and bring the ceiling level down to make it feel more cosy. Note our old fridge freezer is sharing the space with me (I can't be without prawns or icecream for long!)

Whilst I had DH and his camera outdoors, I got him to take a couple of shots of the pretty stream which runs along the bottom of the garden, here it is looking towards the West
and here it is looking towards the East
We're very happily settled in now, all the boxes are empty and the cartons returned to the removal company, some pictures have yet to be put on the wall but to all intents and purposes, everything is back to normal again. I even found somewhere for the sundial ...


  1. It looks idyllic - wish I had a 'shed' to put all my craft stuff in!

  2. Hi Sue,

    Can't wait to visit on Sunday! Looks lovely! Loving the pretty stream running at the bottom of the garden! Bet the autumn colours are glorious near you!

    See you Sunday

    Lots of love
    Sandy xxxx

  3. How lovely to have your own spot....you can sing at the top of your lungs when things go well.

  4. Thanks everyone, we do feel very lucky. :-)

  5. you've settled amazingly quickly! I was going to say won't your studio be cold, but I guess lampworkers don't have that problem?

  6. Mostly I just dress appropriately! I find proximity to my torch and kiln keep the top half warm. When it's REALLY cold, I have a space heater under my table and I switch it on for the first 15 minutes so that does the bottom half. It's a bit wasteful because you need good ventilation to get rid of the fumes and so the cold make up air coming in from outside the studio just replaces the warm but once I get making beads, I find I don't notice the cold til I stop and then there's a dash for the central heating and a cup of tea! :-)


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