Friday, 10 September 2010

New floor

On Wednesday, we laid my brand new floor in the studio. I thought it would only take a couple of hours, and I could spend the rest of the day painting the outside but no. Even with two of us at it, taking everything out, cleaning behind things that hadn't been moved for over two years, laying the floor and then putting everything back, it took all day! So worth it though :-)

The cushion on the floor is where Missy rests when she's keeping me company, the area closest to the camera on the right is going to have a work surface resting across the two drawer units and be painted white to be the photography area. We haven't got the light units for that yet so David Tennant will be with us for a few more days (so, sorry you have to go, David but next time you visit, you can park the Tardis in the garden, yeh?)

The desk to the left is where I do my soldering (and enamelling earlier in the year).  All the broken bottles for upcycling into beads and then jewellery are organised into containers with lids now so they don't get dusty and now they're in smaller boxes, there's much more room. My glass is now organised by manufacturer so I've got separate shelves for Effetre and Reichenbach with CIM and Double Helix sharing. Tons of room to buy loads more as well! The drawer unit that was freed up now I'm no longer using it for glass has got all the clutter that I don't use so much so now my workstation is looking much tidier. DH took this photo with his wide angle lens just after I'd made some Bombay Sapphire beads yesterday. You can still see my lovely new floor!
Here is a close up of my Effetre glass stash, I'd like eventually to arrange this into a rainbow of colours but that has a rather low priority. You can see the rough edges of my not-so-expert sawing hacking of the plastic pipe to cut them down to size!
I started painting the outside with black preservative yesterday afternoon after making recycled beads in the morning but I'm nowhere near finished! For the rest of today, I'm making jewellery for as long as it takes until I've used the small quantity of beads I've made this week and then I'm back to the painting. Photos when it's finished, it's looking good so far!

Ooo, before I forget, Laura is having one of her bead giveaways on her blog so head on over there and enter!


  1. I don't remember your shed - ooops studio - ever looking that big! The first pic makes it look HUGE! It really is like a tardis in there, so it'll be a home from home when David visits. Love the new blue flooring.

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

  2. My poor little digital can't fit it all in so DH volunteered his SLR and the wide angle lens so it is a bit of an optical delusion. It's actually only 10' x 8'. Look forward to seeing you too!

  3. Is it only 10' x 8'? Same as mine - yours looks huge for some reason!

    It looks fantastic - love your Marilyn poster and oooh, my calendar next to her too! I'm honoured!

    That's it - you've inspired me to get off my behind and do something with my shed for that is all it is at the moment.

    Great workspace, Sue!

    Laura x

  4. Thanks, Laura - Marilyn and Laura - two legends but one considerably younger than the other!

    DH did architectural photography and later specialised in interior photography for a couple of years for retail fit out customers so he's got the right kit for this job. He's photographed Marks & Spencers, Tescos, operating theatres, cinemas and all sorts with this camera and lens (handy for me!) I'll ask him to do yours when you've got it finished. :-)

  5. David Tennant :-)
    Great work space Sue.
    Your a little gem thanks x x x


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