Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Am I messy?

I asked this question of myself when I was reading Amy's ReFinds blog. I "met" Amy through the Upcyclers team on Etsy.

So .. am I messy? I took these pictures of my indoor studio where I make my jewellery and the answer is ... when I'm working, most definitely!

I have another studio in my garden where I do my soldering and melt glass for beads which I've featured in here before. Basically that's for hot work -  if it burns down, the house is safe! I had a big tidy up in there over the christmas holidays and so basically looks as tidy as it was in the last photograph. (That won't last!)

This blog entry has been featured in the Etsy teamUpcyclers Love 2 Upcycle blog under their Blogs 2 Love section. My infamy spreads!


  1. How brave of you! I wouldn't take a picture of my workshop or my coffee table right now!

  2. My shed is in a right mess. Doesn't seem to be affecting my beadmaking, though. Chris went in there the other day and when he returned he said 'Laura Mary! How can you WORK in that?!' I knew he was shocked because he used my middle name.

    I think working in chaos makes us feel all industrial!

  3. I had a big tidy-up last November and took a photo. A couple of hours later and my table looks exactly like yours!!

    I personally think it's impossible to be creative and tidy at the same time. Although I sometimes wonder if it would be easier if I knew where everything was.

  4. Looks pretty normal!! I upcycle furniture and have so many projects that are finished or waiting to be worked on in our flat that i'm not entirely sure which is our own coffee table anymore, at least you know yours is under there:)

  5. I love getting a peek at other folks' work spaces! It's not messy if it works for you! Your outdoor shed is fabulous! What a lovely place it must be to work when the weather's nice.

  6. Ahhh! that makes me feel much better! great picture to share! :)

  7. Not much different than mine, I always wonder that neat people must spend more time cleaning while we spend more time looking for the things we have misplaced. Love the clutter!

  8. Thanks everyone, I'm glad I'm not alone in my muddle! There's a magnetic clasp under there somewhere that I promised to put on a piece of jewellery my dad bought for my mum so she can do it up herself (arthritic fingers). One day it will just turn up!

    Amy, I love my outdoor studio, particularly in the summer when Missy, my dog joins me but she prefers to be in front of the fire at this time of year!


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