Monday, 13 December 2010

Post and phone

No post on Thursday but he finally arrived on Friday morning with quite a bit of post; thankfully my materials arrived, but not the spare parts for my kiln. Nothing was waiting for me on Saturday when I got back from the market. I am really hopeful it will arrive this morning. The reason given for sporadic post was that they are doubling up, two postman per round because of the icy conditions. I really don't understand that at all, if it's dangerous for one, surely sending two is twice the risk?! I suppose one can ring for assistance if the other has an accident but isn't that what mobile phones are really good at? Oh well, anyway, the snow and ice has virutally all melted here over the weekend so I am hopeful they will be delivering once a day from now on.

Speaking of mobile phones, I got a new one on Saturday. My old one finally gave up the ghost after seven years - it would work OK in the house for texts but not phone calls and if I took it outside in the cold, it just switched itself off (know the feeling!) The O2 staff were comically appalled when I rang them about upgrading, my SIM card was one of the oldest ones on the network apparently (I feel quite proud :-))

I am getting to grips with how the new one works and what it does, I can take photos but can't send or receive them yet, I think I have to upgrade my package with O2 as I'm on a really cheapo one (I really only ever text, it's very rarely used for calls).  Sister, Sharon, tells me that she just had to enable it on her phone as it's not a feature everyone uses so there will be another call to O2 a bit later on.

Right, I'd better get showered and dressed ready to wait for the postman. (Fingers crossed!)


  1. Hope your post arrives today. I'm waiting on something that I ordered three weeks ago.

    Still no snow here (I reckon you've cast some kind of no-snow-in-Cambridge spell) but we are forecast some later in the week.

    Enjoy your new phone!

  2. Hi Laura, I will be trying to keep the no-snow voodoo going til next Wednesday; I am doing extra days on the craft market (weather and stock levels permitting) on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. You can have as much snow as you like in January! :-)

    My part didn't arrive yesterday but the postman has just been and it's finally here. For some reason Cherry Heaven have only sent the thermocoupler, the relay I ordered is missing, the receipt shows he has only charged me for the thermocoupler - I will just have to hope this fixes it. I'm not sure I can fit it myself but I am going to have a try.

    DH's cheque has finally arrived (only 14 days after it was posted) so yours must be due shortly - hope it arrives for you soon!

  3. i like in this mobile and good hope


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