Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I'm dreaming of a Green Christmas

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas
   With every Christmas card I don't write ...

I am so fed up with the snow. I was really shocked to hear on the local news that the Lincoln Christmas market has been cancelled this year on account of the Lincolnshire weather. As a Saturday market trader myself, I feel sympathy with all the traders who will have bought in materials and stock specially for this huge event. It's never been cancelled in its 28 year history. 

In my webmaster days, I spent a couple of years working on Visit Lincolnshire's website and I can attest to the fact that it's of enormous importance to the economy of the city. There are hundreds of stalls and visitors from all over Europe flock to the four day event. All the hotels and guest houses are full up to capacity, booked months in advance, the shops all open extra days and extra hours. I'm sure this will hit the City hard.

So far, I understand Cambridgeshire is broadly OK and forecast to stay relatively snow-free for next few days. As long as I can get to the A1 (2 miles from my home), I should be able to get to my stall there on Saturday. However, at the moment, the news reports that the A1 is blocked at our junction (near Grantham) both ways with jack-knifed lorries. Actually, looking at the state of our very long driveway, I'm not even sure we can even get out of the garden!

DH has been hearing horror stories about journies home from tradesmen working on the site he is supervising. He hasn't been able to get there (about 25 miles away) for the last two days and so he's been stuck in doing paperwork. He's run out now and every day he is stuck at home is a day's wages lost. People in villages in and around Lincoln are reporting 12 inches of snow and journeys of 7 miles taking 7 hours.

I haven't seen the postman since Monday morning; I am expecting two lots of yarn that I ordered last week as well as supplies to make jewellery with. I really hope it all goes away soon.


  1. Oh how I agree with you - we woke up to three inches of the stuff today and I am panicking as I have a Christmas fair to attend tomorrow - it's not far, but will my car be able to make it? Will it be well attended? Thought this was supposed to be global WARMING and we all had to plant cacti and palm trees in our gardens?

  2. Hi Caroline, I hope you get there safely and you have a successful day. I would hate to have to drive anywhere in this weather.

    Our postman is a big no show again today. Royal Mail have suspended their special delivery service until things improve so no supplies for me again. :-(

  3. I'm loving the title of this post Sue!

    God how awful for the City of Lincoln (that's the name of the Lancaster that still flies isn't it). Really awful that this snow has happened in the run-up to Christmas and all those poor stall-holders! We had quite heavy snow this morning and train bit late but it got there - hurray for First Capital Connect!

    Fingers crossed for you on Saturday Sue and Sharon if you're reading this!

    I just had a comment posted on my blog from a Hotel in Ypres!!


  4. Hi Sandy, hope you get home OK too.

    I just looked at the website for your new comment, it has free internet (wives!) too. I spoke to mum yesterday afternoon, she was still cross with dad about his comment, tee hee! :-)

  5. Spero che la situazione meteo migliori per tutti: il disagio che crea la neve è immenso, ovunque ti trovi. Sarà bella, suggestiva, ma se devi lavorare è un guaio. Comunque puoi passare dal mio blog ( non srve la slitta!) a prenderti un pensierino. Spero sia gradito. Baci. Ros


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