Thursday, 23 December 2010


DH has gone out this morning armed with a list of the last few bits and pieces that we still need for the 25th that got missed off the big shop yesterday. He is also visiting friends, Kev and Mandy. Kev made our Christmas pudding last year, his own secret recipe and it was absolutely brilliant. It was so good, my family have said they will only come to me again this year if Kev is making the pudding and fortunately, he is supplying us with another so DH is also picking that up too.

I have been diligently cleaning the kitchen today and didn't notice a text was sent to me by DH an hour ago ... a whole hour ago ... innocent enough message:

"Have we got potatoes?".
"Arghhh! NO, we have no potatoes", I urgently messaged back. No reply. I rang him, no reply so I don't know whether he is getting any or not! Help! What if the shops are all out tomorrow due to frozen ground? I have probably got too many carrots, anyone got a good recipe that makes carrots look like roast potatoes?! Quick!


No, he didn't get any potatoes so without any cup of tea after his journey or me asking him how Kev and Mandy were, I sent him straight back out to get some and phew, we now have potatoes. However, my little panic pales slightly compared to Kev and Mandy's, they are so laid back, they haven't even bought their turkey yet, which is probably fine if you have ordered one (we picked ours up from the free range farm down the road yesterday). But, they don't have one on order, I suppose the shops still have them for late comers but I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving it til tomorrow ....

And THEIR little panic (which they aren't actually panicking about, I am panicking for them) pales in comparison with some other friends, Martin and Suzy, whose story was related by Kev to DH. Martin and Suzy came home with a frozen turkey crown yesterday but had no room in their fridge to put it. For one thing I don't know how they have no room. I know for a fact they have TWO big fridge freezers because when we moved into a house with a built in fridge and freezer about 5 years ago, we gave them our old one one which was quite new to keep in their garage for "overspill" items (they have a big family). Anyway, they decided to put their frozen turkey crown in their oven to defrost. Suzy started doing some baking this morning and unfortunately, forgot the frozen turkey crown (complete with packaging) was in the oven ... they now have to get another one and are talking about becoming vegetarians. ;-)


  1. We attempted Sainsbury's this morning...plenty of potatoes & veg, but your DH is probably curled in the foetal position somewhere crying softly. That's what I felt like doing by the end of it anyway!

  2. Oh no, poor you - he did say it was busy! I always enjoy Christmas day itself massively but I always seem to be able to turn the preceding days into a drama. Have a nice glass of sherry (I'm having one) to recover, Caroline :-)

  3. My kind of guy :-) Have a very Merry Christmas my friend x x x I always add
    SEASON's GREETINGS :-) x x x


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