Friday, 9 July 2010

Jewellery for the weekend

I have gone into production with some purple/bluey ribbon beads, here is a bracelet made with them. I have 4 different pairs of matching earrings as well but - give me a break - I haven't done too much photography today - it's too blimmin' hot!

I also have an amber colourway in the ribbon beads, I ran out of time today to make jewellery from them; I did take a photo of the beads on their own but the colour doesn't look right and I'm getting cross with trying to make it look right in Photoshop so have given up (blame the heat again!)

Ah, this is a bit better, a photograph of the long awaited necklace to go with the earrings I photographed earlier in the week. Very pleased with this one, all the hammering did me good in getting rid of some of the crossness with how hot it is!

I thought I lived in a temperate country ... do you know that ancient prophesy foretold of (speaks in a hushed voice) drops of water falling from the sky ... my lawn could so do with some of that at the moment!
I digress, here are a couple of pairs of earrings using some of my own cool black and white triangle beads. There is a matching bracelet but (you guessed it), I have limited the number of photographs I took today because IT IS HOT (did I mention that before?!)

Here is the latest photograph of the seed pods after coating with 10 coats of PMC paste but before firing. I'm not sure I like them any more, I wasn't sure how to finish the tops off; the silver loops are too big and I think overall they look a bit like carrots now! Oh well, I'll get them fired and see what they look like polished with a bit of patina on them. :-)

All the jewellery (except the carrots) will be on sale this Saturday on my stall at the All Saints Art & Craft Market in Trinity Street, Cambridge. I am looking forward to a visit from my sister, Sandy, and some of her work friends. They are having a day out in Cambridge and are planning on going punting (I hope they have plenty of sun screen!)


  1. All beautiful but that much awaited necklace is stunning! Congratulations on doing such a fantastic job!

  2. I adore the top bracelet, Sue! Lovely beads.

    And the necklace with my beads is great - all those rings must've taken you ages!

    The seed pods turned out really well - I like those a lot.

    Laura x

  3. Thanks Niky and Laura - hammering silver is great therapy! :-)

  4. I saw the long awaited necklace "in the flesh" on Saturday and it really is pretty!

    Love the seed pods Sue - they look like elongated pearl earrings - I'll be interested to see those when they've been "patinered" if that's a word?

    We had great day punting - blooming hot though and yes, had plenty of sunscreen on!

    Thanks again for our wonderful elephant earrings! LOVE LOVE them!

    Had an enjoyable evening watching little sis in her band, Skrooloose too - awesome! Glad the weather was still warm in the evening.

    Love Sandy

  5. Hiya Sandy, the seed pods have turned from "pearl" to silver now that they've been fired and I've attacked them with my brass brush. I like them a bit more now but I think a proper polish and a dose of liver of sulphur patination and then repolish will bring them up even better - photo to follow when I'm finished! Glad you had a great day.
    Love Sue


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