Monday, 12 July 2010

Copper flowers

Many of the blogs I read regularly have gone all green fingered in the last couple of days and so I thought I'd join in! Here are some Rudbeckia which I sowed from seed this time last year. They're really easy to germinate. I grew them on in little two inch module pots and then they were planted out in late summer and here they are flowering away with ... yes, look ... that is rain on the petals! It looked so pretty as I stepped out of my front door. I think the droplets really bring out the coppery tones in the flowers beautifully. The best thing is these are perennials and so will flower again and again every year and cost next to nothing. :-)

We had a hot, dry and dusty Saturday on the market, we did pretty well sales wise and Sandy came along with her friends and assorted partners, we had a laugh with them on the stall, I hope they all enjoyed the rest of their day in Cambridge!


  1. Beautiful flowers love the colour

  2. I stopped by your jewellery stall at the weekend and what beautiful handmade jewellery you have. I can see why Sandy always sings your praises about the excellent jewellery you make by hand.I love the special edition of the elephant earrings you made for Sandy and Alison. Pat x

  3. Thanks, Niky, they got rained on again today!

    Hiya Pat, it was lovely to see you all, I have seen the photographs now as well - didn't Lin do well on taking over the punting from your chauffeur?! Thanks VERY much for stopping by on Saturday and taking time to leave a comment here too :-)


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