Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Elephant earrings

I just knew I had to buy these sterling silver elephant charms when I saw them in my supplier's shop. I have made two pairs of earrings with them, one with my dark blue bubble beads for Sandy as they will match the bubble large-hole bead that I included on her Pandora bracelet and a pink version for Alison. They're a thank you for the various safaris the two of them went on in London to take the Elephant Parade photos for me. Here are the intrepid duo hunting elephants in Selfridges (Sandy left, Alison right) and there follows a round-up of some of the other photos they sent to me.

Here are three which represent the three main political parties in our recent election, Alison snapped these in Victoria Embankment Garden. They are called Mr Cameron, Mr Brown and Mr Clegg (in no particular order!) all resplendent in party colour shorts.

I understand this one (Emerald Queen) is one of Alison's favourites. Apparently it features a 678 carat ethical Zambian emerald from Gemfields which carries a reserve price of £90,000! Sandy's very words to me were "She knows how to pick em! No wonder we were getting funny looks when we got up close to her!" Emerald Queen is on the left here and the other (pearly Prince) is encrusted with swarovski crystals and is closely guarded at Coutts Bank. The plinth rotates for maximum sparkle effect.

And here are a selection of the rest of them, most are in Green Park. Particular highlights for me are the seaside one, Taxi Elephant apparently lights up at night, he flanks the entrance to the Royal Exchange and is sponsored by Sotheby's. Harapan is in aid of Sumatran Orangutan Society, Russell is very cleverly done to blend into the park surroundings. 'Never forget' reminds me of a Zentangle (newish hobby for me) and I mustn't forget to say "Hi" to Pat! (in Jewel-Ele pic; Pat is another friend/colleague of Sandy's who obviously got seconded into safari duty!)


  1. oooooohhhhh Did not see the emerald one! and swarovski crystals can only imagine the sparkle!!! Fantastic!

  2. The elephant earrings are lovely!!

  3. Oh wow Sue!! Those earrings are fantastic! Alison will be so thrilled as indeed I am! You must have been so excited to make them after all the elephant pics. I'm sure you would get loads of interest if you emailed the Elephant Parade people. Can't wait to see you on the stall on 10th July to receive my earrings!

    Love Sandy xxx

  4. It makes my day when I get lovely comments like these on my blog. Thank you, you wonderful peeps for spreading a little happiness. :-)


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