Monday, 6 April 2009

New page on the website

I met Hazel of Sulis Glass on Saturday. She stopped by my stall during a day out in Cambridge and introduced herself as a fellow lampwork beadmaker. I have seen her postings on Frit-Happens and we had a lovely chat - what a smashing person. It was quite a quiet day as the Grand National was on and Cambridge must be a gambling City cos everyone was either watching it at home or at the bookies ... good job Hazel turned up else I'd've been bored stiff! I remember one year it was the Grand National and the Prince of Wales wedding to Camilla - the market was like a ghost town!

Actually it wasn't that bad, the weather was great compared with last week and I sold quite a few things to some European ladies who were visiting from Holland. The strong Euro is helping my sales beat the financial crisis.

I have finally got all the designs for the initials pendants that I was burbling on about last week scanned in and I have created a separate page on my website under
Jewellery > Initial Pendants.


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