Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Beware roadworks!

Driveway roadworksWe are having a new driveway put in at home, the one that was there before didn't go far enough and it was really only a bit of parking. This is our first year at this house, during the summer it was fine but muddy days were a bit of a trial. We can wipe our feet and take our shoes off but Missy, our dog, doesn't ... so we can keep the house kinda clean as long as muddy pawprints get cleaned up but going to the car, there was no non-muddy route so the car is in a perpetual state of yukkiness. We are putting in the driveway now ready for the next wet spell (obviously this won't occur during the summer ... HA! ... we hope!!)

Driveway roadworks studio endMy studio is the converted shed you can see to the right; the guys, Lee and Dean (wonderful chaps) are putting in a path from the house to the driveway today and I think I'm just going to be in the way today if I work out there so I will be indoors finishing off a couple of commissions and working silver - no beadmaking for me today. I just got the first disc of the first series of Jonathan Creek from Lovefilm yesterday as I never watched it on TV when it was aired. I discovered yesterday that Anthony Head (my favourite actor) is in it so I am bound to enjoy it whilst making jewellery - yay - that's a bonus!


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