Monday, 8 August 2016

Terracing the main bit of the garden

The weather has been really nice for the last three weekends on the trot so we've been using it to get on with some garden landscaping. The big central part of the garden needs to be terraced as it's really quite steep. Here are some "before" shots. This one from above

From the side where the main steps go down

and from the bottom "lawned" area.

We've been keeping this area of the garden tidy by strimming it all down from time to time. It's far too steep to mow.

The stone and brick wall at the bottom needs shoring up as it's in a state of collapse. The plan is to have two main timber terraces separated by an access path half way up.

Other people have days out to adventure parks on fine weekends, we just make our own fun and have a slide. Actually apart from the enjoyment MTM got out of it, seriously, it's the only way to get fifteen foot long 9" x 3" timber rafters round to the back. There's no way a lorry can get round so they have to be delivered on the drive and then physically carried round one by one.

It's quite hard (and warm!) work, it takes ages, especially when MTM wastes time sliding down them!

Here's the bottom terrace taking shape with one edge of the path about to go in level with one of the steps on the left.

I've needed to be on hand to help carry the other end of the timbers into place so whilst MTM was cutting and measuring and concreting posts into place, I've made a start clearing out all the weeds, getting a fork underneath them. There's so much satisfaction to be gained from getting a dandilion out complete with the whole of it's tap root!

Side view of the retaining bed next to the steps.

We're hoping it'll all be finished with another couple of fine weekends, perhaps by August Bank Holiday.