Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Who's been shitting on my doorstep?!

We awoke this morning to some chirrupping that sounded like it was in the house. When we investigated we thought it could be in the roofspace above the hallway or it might just be the Dunnocks who often nest in the bit of garden right outside the front door.

We tracked it down to this little fledgling calling for his mum on the threshold of the door.

I put some gloves on and scooped him up to be relocated where there's a bit of cover and camoflage; he stands a better chance of being safe from the local cats there. He was flapping his wings and hopping about before he resettled so I'm pretty sure he's not injured. His mum should still be able to hear him as he's only a few feet from where he was before.

Good luck, little one!

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