Saturday, 28 May 2016

Permanent removal of slugs and snails from your garden

I'm hardening off some bedding plants on the decking area prior to planting them out next week. I put them out during the day and bring them back into the greenhouse at night to gradually acclimatise them.

How to keep them safe from slugs and snails is always a headache for the gardener. I have discovered a way of permanently excluding slugs and snails. It's organic and cruelty-free, no chemicals are necessary, all you need is a reasonable aim.

Instead of chucking them over the fence into your neighbour's garden, chuck them onto the other side of the river instead ... get back from there you little bleepers!

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend!


  1. I used to pick them up with an old clothes peg and drop them down the drain, which would hopefully drown them. In France we don't have drains in the same way, but not that many slugs either.
    I sometimes feel sorry for slugs, they haven't really got much going for them, such revolting creatures!

    1. Ha ha, indeed but I'm sure other slugs think they're cute. Some leave beer traps for them to drown in which is a slightly happier ending, but what a waste of beer! I did think of putting the slugs on the bird table but the ones i found yesterday under my crysanthemum pots were so huge, the birds would have to be the size of an eagle to eat them.


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