Saturday, 28 May 2016

Permanent removal of slugs and snails from your garden

I'm hardening off some bedding plants on the decking area prior to planting them out next week. I put them out during the day and bring them back into the greenhouse at night to gradually acclimatise them.

How to keep them safe from slugs and snails is always a headache for the gardener. I have discovered a way of permanently excluding slugs and snails. It's organic and cruelty-free, no chemicals are necessary, all you need is a reasonable aim.

Instead of chucking them over the fence into your neighbour's garden, chuck them onto the other side of the river instead ... get back from there you little bleepers!

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Who's been shitting on my doorstep?!

We awoke this morning to some chirrupping that sounded like it was in the house. When we investigated we thought it could be in the roofspace above the hallway or it might just be the Dunnocks who often nest in the bit of garden right outside the front door.

We tracked it down to this little fledgling calling for his mum on the threshold of the door.

I put some gloves on and scooped him up to be relocated where there's a bit of cover and camoflage; he stands a better chance of being safe from the local cats there. He was flapping his wings and hopping about before he resettled so I'm pretty sure he's not injured. His mum should still be able to hear him as he's only a few feet from where he was before.

Good luck, little one!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The circle of life ... Rest in Peace dad, I'll see you in my dreams

11th May 2016
Letter to: The Intermediate Care Team
Hinchinbrooke Hospital
Dear Sirs

We are writing as a family to send our sincere thanks to the Intermediate Care Team for the palliative care Percy Cannings received towards the end of his life when he was suffering with stomach cancer and for the re-enablement care provided for Bet Cannings following her hip re-replacement.

The two medical matters occurring at the same time put the family under extreme strain. On the occasions when one of us couldn’t be with dad, knowing that the care team were visiting three times a day took some of the pressure off; it was extremely comforting knowing there was someone looking after him during mum’s stay in hospital and whilst she got her mobility back upon discharge.

We couldn’t have managed without the support and expertise provided and so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We understand one of the carers who visited mum and dad, (name deleted for privacy), was due to have a baby around this time.

Unfortunately, we lost dad (Percy) recently. We had his funeral yesterday and said goodbye to a much loved husband, brother, uncle and father. Whilst we were all together, we signed a card to celebrate a beautiful new life entering the world. At this difficult time for us all, it has been very comforting to be reminded of the circle of life and we wonder would it be possible for this hand crocheted blanket (made by Sue, Percy’s eldest daughter) to be forwarded to (name deleted) and her family as a token of our esteem.

The pattern is a vintage one by Patons, no longer in print. A blanket using the original pattern was  made for the television series, Call the Midwife, and featured in one of the Christmas Specials. The pattern has been recreated with Paton’s permission and made available on-line by a blogger called Rebecca, otherwise known to the crocheting world as Little Monkey, the pattern is called the Midwife Blanket.

The blanket has been crocheted using Drops Baby Merino yarn which is 100% fine merino sheep’s wool, specially manufactured as suitable for new borns. It is fully machine washable and a ball band from the yarn, which contains washing instructions, is included with the card.

Warmest best wishes and our thanks once again for all your help.

The Cannings family