Saturday, 30 April 2016

How to be happy on Yarn Shop Day 2016

Yarn shop day has spun around again, is it really a whole year since I was in the Treacle Woolshop, Morpeth on our way back from a Northumberland holiday? 

So where to go this year ... only one on my list today. Here I am outside the Wool Zone in Oakham about to visit for the umpteenth time this year! 

Look at all the lovely freebies I picked up, I'm particularly pleased with the Stylecraft colour chart, that will make colour schemes much easier! Thanks so much Julie! 

The poncho I'm wearing has been much admired today, there's a free pattern for it called Boho Tuniek on Ravelry. I used 4 balls of Stylecraft Mosaic Super Chunky yarn (colourway Baroque) I think which was purchased from the Wool Zone, where else?! 

I rolled up around lunchtime and spent a lovely hour happpily chatting with the owner, Julie and other customers and eating delicious muffins.

Of course, I can't get out of a yarn shop without buying some yarn .... 

This little lot is going to make a Call the Midwife blanket for one of the Intermediate Care Team carers who looked after my mum for a few weeks after she came out of hospital (hip replacement). The carer is expecting a baby in a little over two weeks time. I'd better get crocheting, quick!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Warming up on temperature blanket

Crocheted temperature blanket

Just over a quarter of the way through the year, here's an update of my temperature blanket. 1st January row is on the right with 4th April (right up to date!) on the left. I'm find it fascinating how the rows/stripes/dotty bits are emerging depending entirely on what temperature it has been at midday!

Here's my first blog posting on the temperature blanket with pattern details and colours.

The warmest and coldest day of the year came in January within a few days of each other. It's been markedly warmer over the last couple of weeks as shown by the drift back into green ... long may it continue ... I'm looking forward to getting on with the yellow and oranges. What are you looking forward to when the weather warms up?