Sunday, 7 February 2016

Do your cockles measure up?

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, how did we end up eating cockles on Hunstanton promenade on a cold, windy day in February?

In the run up to Christmas, we kind of went into hibernation concerning working on the house renovations. Last summer and autumn was all about the vegetable garden and the greenhouse. This week we have started gearing up to do some more work getting our house the way we want it. Our goals for the Spring are to finish the dining room and sort out the old bathroom and adjacent room which we call the skullery,

Here's MTM measuring the fireplace hole in order to install a new electric fire.

As part of the work we want to do in the skullery, we came across the Rustic Warehouse in West Lynn in Norfolk. They manufacture units for Belfast sinks, we wanted to see what one looks like so today we headed out to their retail shop.

The Rustic Warehouse does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a completely authentic local business without any of the national chain razzmatazz and market-speak mumbo jumbo. You meet the owner and his adorable staffy, Murdoch, in their showroom which is more of a stockpile of wonderfulness than a retail experience. My kind of business!

Whilst I fed Murdoch treats, MTM explained what we needed, the owner is going to talk to the workshop guys to see what's coming through production-wise that might meet our needs and there'll be a phone call next week about delivery times.

The thing about West Lynn is that it"s quite close to the coast, only 33 mins to Hunstanton according to the Sat Nav. I can never resist a visit to the seaside if it's close, we had Missy with us so we decided to extend the trip by half an hour and go check out the beach and give us all a bit of a treat.

Boy o boy, the wind was so cold, it made our eyes water and my ears were raw after only a few minutes! We stopped long enough to have our cockles. We then went on an ice cream hunt. You can't go to the seaside and not have an ice cream even if it is bleedin' freezing ...  sadly, we had to abandon this idea as many places were shut for the close season.

The sun came out as if to mock our no ice cream status, I'm just grateful the cockle stall was open!

How do you like the seaside in winter? 


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