Saturday, 16 January 2016

Temperature blanket

Missy is helping me with my temperature blanket. I've unraveled the first ten rows. With changing colour every time the temperature varied by 5 degrees, I was only using two colours and I confess to getting ever so slightly fed up with turquoise repeating as often as it was. 

I decided instead to change colour every 3 degrees, this means I have used three colours already! Much more fun.

I check the temperature for my village on the Met Office site first thing when I get up. Whatever the site says will be the actual temperature at 12.00 noon determines the colour for that day's row. Here's my revised colour scheme.

I have sneak peeked ahead and if tomorrow's temperature stays the same at zero degrees, I will be able to use Plum for the first time! The excitement is palpable. Of course, MTM doesn't understand, he rolls his eyes in disbelief at my jubilation. "Just do a row in Plum if that's what you want". 

 On a temperature blanket, THAT would be cheating!


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