Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Two totally unrelated matters

First, this is a picture of my latest crochet WIP, a tablecloth for my patio table. I'm using Frank O'Randle's Rings of Change pattern which is on Ravelry. Every row is different on it so it's quite a challenge. I'm using two strands of Scheepjesw Maxi crochet cotton and I'm really enjoying making it.

I've adapted it slightly. I needed a hole in the middle for the parasol to go through so I omitted some earlier rounds and started later on with a twenty chain hole. I've also missed out some rounds later on where there were 3-D dragon scales going on because a tablecloth really needs to lie totally flat. The scales would've been right in the red wine glass region. The thought of spilling wine that I could so easily drink is slightly shocking, so I've repeated some of the earlier flat rounds and then gone back to the pattern for the later rounds. It's a little ruffled around the edges as you can see in the second pic but I will be stretch blocking it so it'll lie flat when it's finished.

I don't think it's going to be completed before colder weather arrives with a vengeance but you never know. At least I'll be ready for next year and maybe with some matching cushions!

Another thing that is late and the totally unrelated matter mentioned in the title to this bloggage is that my greenhouse is finally arriving next Wednesday. We didn't realise when we ordered it that it was on a four week delivery .... we have ordered three greenhouses in the past and none of them took this long. It's a bog standard size and finish so I would've thought a stock item but unfortunately not. I have been impatiently ticking off the days and putting all my tender cuttings in the house at night.  MTM is taking some time off to help me put it up - another reason to hope this fine weather lasts!

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