Saturday, 26 September 2015

Still summertime in my kitchen

Last cut flowers from my Calendula border. The variety was Art Shades, which produced quite tall plants. After some breezy days in August, they flopped about in drunken heaps, still flowering their hearts out. I should know better, I never stake plants, I am far too lazy; next year, I shall buy a packet of a shorter growing variety.

Falling over aside, they've still been lovely but this week, the foliage started to look a bit mildewed and so, even though they were still flowering well, they've been cleared out of the way and today, I've been mainly planting Narcissi tete a tete to replace them.

Daffodils don't look pretty in the bags, but they'll be lovely in the Springtime. I had hundreds of Tete a Tete in our garden at Little Barn, these are the first I have planted in our garden here. With Camassia, Cyclamen, bare rooted Wallflowers and Snowdrops on order waiting to arrive, it's time to admit Autumn is here.


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