Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Two totally unrelated matters

First, this is a picture of my latest crochet WIP, a tablecloth for my patio table. I'm using Frank O'Randle's Rings of Change pattern which is on Ravelry. Every row is different on it so it's quite a challenge. I'm using two strands of Scheepjesw Maxi crochet cotton and I'm really enjoying making it.

I've adapted it slightly. I needed a hole in the middle for the parasol to go through so I omitted some earlier rounds and started later on with a twenty chain hole. I've also missed out some rounds later on where there were 3-D dragon scales going on because a tablecloth really needs to lie totally flat. The scales would've been right in the red wine glass region. The thought of spilling wine that I could so easily drink is slightly shocking, so I've repeated some of the earlier flat rounds and then gone back to the pattern for the later rounds. It's a little ruffled around the edges as you can see in the second pic but I will be stretch blocking it so it'll lie flat when it's finished.

I don't think it's going to be completed before colder weather arrives with a vengeance but you never know. At least I'll be ready for next year and maybe with some matching cushions!

Another thing that is late and the totally unrelated matter mentioned in the title to this bloggage is that my greenhouse is finally arriving next Wednesday. We didn't realise when we ordered it that it was on a four week delivery .... we have ordered three greenhouses in the past and none of them took this long. It's a bog standard size and finish so I would've thought a stock item but unfortunately not. I have been impatiently ticking off the days and putting all my tender cuttings in the house at night.  MTM is taking some time off to help me put it up - another reason to hope this fine weather lasts!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Moon shadows and mushrooms

So, who else got up in the middle of the night to see the ... (take a deep breath) lunar eclipse blood red supermoon? Or perhaps you have more stamina than me and you just stayed up?

The above is a really brilliant photo taken by one of my Facebook friends, Tracy Green, in her garden, in the cold, using her I-phone and a pair of binoculars, dressed only in her PJs.

This one was taken by MTM at about the same time to show scale. When we walked Missy before bed, the moon was so full and round and bright, we were casting moon shadows. It's no wonder before we had astronomy predicting these events people got frightened by the moon slowly disappearing and turning red without any warning.

I like both photographs but I think Tracy's is really super. She also takes marvellous shots of various fungi she comes across on her dog walks, she often posts fabulous close ups of all kinds of mushrooms. Of course, it's an ideal time of year for that though I think (hope) she gets dressed for those expeditions ...!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Still summertime in my kitchen

Last cut flowers from my Calendula border. The variety was Art Shades, which produced quite tall plants. After some breezy days in August, they flopped about in drunken heaps, still flowering their hearts out. I should know better, I never stake plants, I am far too lazy; next year, I shall buy a packet of a shorter growing variety.

Falling over aside, they've still been lovely but this week, the foliage started to look a bit mildewed and so, even though they were still flowering well, they've been cleared out of the way and today, I've been mainly planting Narcissi tete a tete to replace them.

Daffodils don't look pretty in the bags, but they'll be lovely in the Springtime. I had hundreds of Tete a Tete in our garden at Little Barn, these are the first I have planted in our garden here. With Camassia, Cyclamen, bare rooted Wallflowers and Snowdrops on order waiting to arrive, it's time to admit Autumn is here.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Flight of Fancy Peacock wrap finished!

Peacock Crochet-A-Long 2015

My #scheepjeswol  #scheepjesCAL2015 Flight of Fancy #teampeacock wrap is finished and blocked! During the week, I tried to describe my favourite way of wearing it to the Group but in the end a picture is better than words and here I am wearing it. I'm really pleased with it and have really enjoyed joining in with the discussions during the Crochet-A-Long, I'm definitely interested in doing another one.

The second photo is a bit shady but shows where I put the shawl pin a bit better.

A rear view showing how it looks from the back. I'm not doing a Morecombe and Wise impersonation (though some more sunshine would be nice), I am actually trying to flick my hair in a cavalier manner but I ended up just looking a bit camp! 

And of course naughty 603 trying to hide the shawl pin and misbehaving as usual!