Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tea drinking on the patio ... I wish

You know, some people, if they had a nice seating area like this, they might be tempted to spend August Bank Holiday weekend actually sitting in it. You could read the paper with a nice cup of tea, eat lunch al fresco with some Pimms (or beer depending on which Doran you are). It's a nice spot to watch the sunset whilst eating bar-b-qued foodstuffs. That's a good way to spend a fine Saturday at the end of August.

But no, this is what the Dorans do with Bank Holiday weekends, they put up fences! I was doing the creosoting and holding the other end of various things. MTM was doing the clever fiddly bits with saw, spirit level and a screw gun.

Oh well, at least there was a mug of tea. Drinking it on a building site isn't quite as relaxing. Maybe one day ...

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  1. That's the trouble with bank holidays. If the weather is bad we grumble that we can't sit out in the garden. If it's good we spend it doing jobs instead!


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