Sunday, 16 August 2015

Nearly ready for take off

Our Scheepjes Flight of Fancy Crochet-A-Long wraps are nearly ready for flight. Above shows all my motifs prior to joining together along with what's left of the 603 Linen Soft (she just has to get in on ALL the pics!)

The last week and a half evenings have been spent joining them all together, I got finished on that yesterday but have found a couple of oopsies ...

To join the motifs together, there are two rounds of chain, double crochet (UK), slip stitches and picots. As the black circle indicates, I've forgotten one of my picots when joining this motif. I'd joined the rest of that row and nearly all of the following one before I spotted it. Since seeing that one, I've found another as well, that's the trouble with watching TV at the same time as crocheting!

I have figured out a way of fixing this fairly easily (ie without having to remove all the motifs I joined after the one with the error). So I continued on and finished all the joining. That's this evening's task. I'm painting a wall in the garden today so we can get the greenhouse delivered and put up in time for the Autumn.

All that's left to do on our lovely Flight of Fancy wraps is the final border. The pattern will be released on the Scheepjes Spring-to-Summer CAL 2015 group Facebook page later on this week. Then the whole thing will be blocked to open out the joining rounds and then I'll be able to wear it.

Am so looking forward to Wednesday morning!


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