Friday, 28 August 2015

Just taken my Justin bracelet off

Late night at Holmfirth Picturedrom yesterday watching Justin Currie. What a great venue and a brilliant performance. Justin has got such good stagecraft from playing in a larger band, the sound was really good and he has a great connection with the audience.

I've had to cut off my paper bracelet as I'm about to have a shower, I slept in it last night and don't really want to take it off. I am not used to such late nights, we don't go out nearly often enough! It's gone 9am the next day and I've only just got up! Normally we're up and about between 6 and 7am.  It's about an hour and forty minute drive to Holmfirth from our home so we didn't get home til nearly 1am and then it was ages before I got to sleep as I was still so wired from the gig, buzzing with all the songs and hoarse from shouting and singing along.

There are pictures and comments by other members of the audience on The Opposite View group on Facebook. Anyone with an interest in Del Amitri or Justin Currie can join. My phone is definitely of the unsmart variety, all it's good for is phone calls and texts so I'll leave it to them to fill you in on the details!

A fantastic start to the Bank Holiday weekend. We're putting up the fabled fence, weather permitting. The timber arrived yesterday. Whatever you're up to, hope you have a good time!


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