Monday, 31 August 2015

First produce

Just pulled these from the vegetable plot, the very first radishes. These are the only ones from an entire row that survived the over-zealous pigeon thinning! I'm sure they will be delicious added to the salad tonight! I'm very excited to eat my very first home grown produce since 2005!

The majority of the fence got finished off yesterday, we were rained off with a couple of showers so lost a couple of hours. It just needs the side facing the road to be creosoted (next dry day) as the side facing the garden was pre-done before we put the boards up, it's very high to do from a ladder so it was safer to do it before fixing. There a little capping to go on the top as well which MTM will do one evening when it's dry.

Today has been soooooo rainy here, apart from Missy-walking and radish picking, I've stayed indoors. Quite a difference from Saturday. We couldn't keep on having dry bank holidays could we ... this is England, after all!

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  1. Well done - I haven't been able to grow a radish ever, due to slugs & snails. I bet you can't wait for next year's growing season!


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