Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I used to play tennis

The Scheepjes crochet-a-long is progressing well. We're up to week 4, I'm crocheting the latest motifs during my break for lunch and I've realised the colours are VERY Wimbledon! I wonder if that was by design or a happy coincidence. 

I'm going back to "work" in a minute but as I'm self-employed, I can choose what I do when. It's too hot for bead making so I'm indoors cleaning yesterday's beads while waiting for Heather Watson to come onto court no. 1 on the telly. The advantage of living in a stone house is the thick walls keep the interior nice and cool.

The tennis racket you see in the picture is one of three that my sisters and I used to play with out on the street when we were kids, so it's very old! I collected it from mum and dad's house when we were there for Father's Day, mum was going to chuck them out. I decided to save one of them for the happy memories it holds. Mum says she can remember me running back from school to watch Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg (swoon, yes of course I had a massive crush!) and Virginia Wade.

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