Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day with my dad

We spent this afternoon with my mum and dad at their home in Cambridgeshire. Dad's garden was looking lovely. The small flowered ground cover rose bottom right with red flowers and orange middle is a very special variety named Pathfinder after 97 Squadron which my dad served a tour with as a gunner in Lancasters during the Second World War. It was a gift from Chris Keltie, author of Riding in the Shadow of Death which my father features in, along with the inspiring story of Bill North.

Here's my dad with his nose stuck into one of the books I got him for Father's Day, that'll keep him quiet!

This second book is also quite special, Lancaster Operations by Ian Reid, again dad features in it, this time it's about 100 Squadron. Dad flew his first tour of duty (again in Lancasters) with them. It first came out in 2003 and my husband, who is quite a collector of WWII historical books, saw it for sale and found dad's name it it (unbeknownst to dad who didn't know he was in it!) Of course DH bought it for him on the spot. A couple of years later, dad lent it out to someone who unfortunately never returned it. We have been trying to acquire a replacement for him ever since. It was never reprinted and consequently secondhand was our only option.

Very recently a copy was listed on EBay but the reserve was too high for our budget. However, I noted the book didn't sell and contacted the seller letting him him know I wanted it for a veteran and asked if he would consider reducing the reserve. Kind hearted chap that he is, he relisted and I was lucky enough to win the auction. Dad is very pleased to have this replacement. 

I hope dads everywhere have a happy day and as it's the longest day of the year it's very appropriate to have maximum time to enjoy it. 

Love and light to all on the Summer Solstice.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Turning green

Hiya, 603 here again. My other numbered friends and I are getting on really well together in our Scheepjes hessian bag waiting for the Scheepjes CAL 2015 to start on the 10th. Here's 606 giving me a leg up to peer inside one of my owner's work boxes to see what she's doing. She tells me it'll be our turn next and very soon! We can't wait but seeing other yarn getting used instead of us makes us envious .... at least 606 is supposed to be that colour .... there's a real danger I may become green with envy too!

#scheepjeswol #scheepjesCAL2015