Saturday, 2 May 2015

Happy Yarn Shop Day 2015!

Leading Morpeth yarn shop Treacle Wool Shop

Just got back a couple of hours ago from a lovely week's holiday in Bamburgh (again!) But rather than talk about that at the moment, I want to celebrate Yarn Shop Day cos it's today!

When I realised we'd be travelling back on Yarn Shop Day 2015 (organised by Let's Knit and Let's Get Crafting Magazines), I was determined to support at least one yarn shop but didn't know which one to go to. I consulted the list of those participating and read out the location of every one in the areas we were passing through to to my ever-loving and supportive MTM and he told me how far out of our way it would be to call in. When we got to Treacle Wool Shop, Morpeth, it was only just off the A1 and so we had a winner!

We arrived in the lovely town of Morpeth just before lunchtime. Treacle Wool Shop is located amongst other wonderful shops in the Creative Quarter of Morpeth. The two ladies photographed, Kym (left, the owner) and Stephanie (her wonderful assistant and sock tutor) greeted me warmly. Tea and cakes were on offer for Yarn Shop Day. This a well stocked shop, a great variety of yarn and accessories, it's also full to the brim of enthusiasm and charm. There's a lovely welcoming room upstairs with a big table and chairs where they host a variety of knitting and crochet workshops.

I came away with a bag of yarn (how can I resist such a lovely selection). The bag in the photograph shows my purchases. When I discovered there was 35% off Drops, there was not stopping me! As the tenth customer, I got a free Drops Knitting and Crochet Design magazine and every customer got to choose from a basket of lovely goodies, I chose a 12mm wooden crochet hook, I've never owned a crochet hook so large, I'm looking forward to giving a try so thanks very much Kym! I had a super time in your shop and look forward to visiting again. I wish I live nearer but as you can order on-line from Treacle Wool Shop's website, I'll definitely be ordering more yarn from them in the future.

Just one complaint though ... through the clear plastic bag, my other half could see exactly how much yarn I'd bought, plain opaque bags are really a better choice for those of us who have to try to play down how many balls of yarn we've bought when our partners already think we have enough in the house to last for at least two lifetimes!

I hope Yarn Shop Day was a big success for all the shops who participated and in particular for Treacle Wool Shop!


  1. Aah thank you for your kind words! Hope you had a good journey home. The bags are a well thought out marketing tool and make great project bags! Always carry a tote to hide your purchases 😊! Look forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Ha ha, that's a good tip! We stopped in Richmond on the way back as we usually do for lunch but we couldn't park because the queen was visiting, what with the newest member of the Royal Family's birth being announced while I was in your shop, it's been a right royal do all round!

  3. Oh come on, show us what you bought!


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