Saturday, 30 May 2015

Doctor Sue

I bought this cactus at a garden centre along with some other casualty cases needing some TLC for £1 each from the bargain bench a couple of weeks ago. Some of its leaves were half eaten by slugs, it had silvery trails all over it, it was in really dry compost and altogether looking very sorry for itself. It already had some flower buds on it, presumably the stress of the lack of love made it think "quick, reproduce by making some seeds, I'm gonna die soon".

I got the compost wet again by soaking it in a bucket, gave it a feed and then repotted it into a larger pot, cleaned up the leaves and this is how it repaid me!

My dad used to grow them when I was a child, we used to call them Christmas Cactuses because that's when they used to flower. I haven't told the plant it's a bit late, don't want to hurt it's feelings whilst looking so splendid!

Some other plants needing my triage skills were these three fuchsias photographed on the day I got them, also dry and looking sorry for themselves.

At only £1 each, I snapped them up and gave them similar treatment, they've put on new growth and are looking very grateful already. I'll do a photograph of them when they're back to full health.

Don't you just love a bargain?!

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  1. I always search casualty corner at the garden centre - got me a nice standard daisy last time which has recovered nicely. Your cactus is most pretty!


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