Friday, 29 May 2015

At it again

I have been buying yarn again; very naughty of me.

We had to go into Oakham to do some banking so I called in at The Wool Zone again this afternoon. Julie who owns the shop confirmed Drops still had its sale on so I bought two 50g balls of Drops Delight (top right in the pic). 

I've just finished crocheting another lacey summer weight scarf, this time a shallow triangle with hanging flowers. I made it at first in two ply hand dyed lace.

lacey crocheted summer scarf

I've also done a grey one in the Drops Delight I bought on Yarn Shop Day (which is blocking as I type), the yarn weight is around 4-ply so it's given it a chunkier feel, more for Autumn. I want to do an all over colourful one and as well so that's what my latest purchase will be turned into.

I think really the pattern could be adapted to any weight of yarn providing a suitable hook size is used. I'm in the process of writing it all up along with the tutorial, I'll put it on Ravelry very soon.

The other yarn is Drops Alpaca, I already have some of this in my stash, I'm going to make a small blanket for Missy out of that. When I was bead making this morning, she joined me in the studio, it was raining all morning so we didn't put her cushion out on the balcony as I normally would, I have a piece of fleece for her as it was a bit cool too, it would be much nicer for her to have a handmade blanket.

Whatever you're planning for the weekend, I hope it's a good one!

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