Monday, 26 January 2015

Rainbow spiral blanket (or afghan) finished

Crocheted rainbow spiral blanket or afghan

My rainbow spiral blanket is finished! 

I had to undo the first border I did, as you can see below, the original edging is all curling up on itself. As I was working it, I was telling myself not to worry, that blocking would soon straighten it out but by the penultimate row, it was clear that nothing short of steamrollering it would make it lay flat. 

This time, I worked up a design on a small scale rather than just "diving in", the swatch I made laid flat and so here is a close up of the new border it as it was being blocked. On the previous version I'd gone round the post of the row underneath to give some interest. This time I just used a double crochet (UK terminology) spike stitch into an intermediary black row.

Here's another photo of the blanket being blocked on my dining room floor laid out on towels.

If you're interested in me writing up the pattern explaining how I did it, contact me through my Ravelry account (SoozJewels) or leave a comment below. If there's demand, I'd be happy to do so!


  1. This is beautiful. I purchased about 6,000 yards of personally customized byed alpaca yarn with the intention of creating my oldest daughter a blanket which will also be a heirloom for just her. My goal isto complete it in time for her 18th birthday in October. The colors are of a peacock and are bright and ever so luscious. I have been struggling to find a pattern or design which will do justice for the fibers, yet will also be beyond beautiful. I want something that will be visually stunning but not too intricate to crochet as I am now on a time crunch. I stumbled upon this post and I stopped. The way you have the colors blending into each other while not taking away from the incredible look of the pinwheels, .... I think this design of yours may be what I have been searching for.
    You mentioned for people to speak up if they are interested in the pattern. .. However I may access it, I would LOVE to use this for my daughters blanket to keep her wrapped in love as she enters her adulthood.
    Thank you for this. :)


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