Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Icy Steps

My wonderful DH has put chicken wire on the decking to make sure I don't slip on it again when going to my studio. This worked wonderfully yesterday when it was very damp and I was able to make beads all day. No slippiness whatsoever! After the non-beadmaking-ness of virutally the whole of December, I really need to build my business back up again.

When we got up today, there was a sprinkling of snow that has frozen. Here I am, it's nearly noon and the landscape is still an unthawed out whiteness everywhere. The new concrete steps going down haven't got a handrail (yet); call me a coward but I am really nervous of that ice, I am so worried about falling down again without anything to hang onto. Come springtime and some decent weather, the steps will be finished, handrail installed, the gap will be filled and it will all be much safer.

So with discretion being the better part of valour,  instead of beadmaking, today, I am cleaning yesterday's beads, making up renegade sets from my extensive stash of leftover beads. This afternoon, I'll be photographing and listing them on my Etsy shop.

Wherever you are and if you've got the snow worse than we have - stay safe everyone. xx


  1. Since falling on ice and badly breaking my arm twenty years ago I am terrified of falling anywhere but especially on ice or snow, so I really sympathise. Decking is really treacherous, so do take great care.
    Better safe than sorry and if anyone thinks you're being silly and over cautious just ignore them. Let others be the brave ones - until they too have a nasty fall!

    1. I did feel guilty for not being out in the studio yesterday but it's OK now so I can alleviate that today! Hope the weather is nicer in France!


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