Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Laid up

So, my other half gets lucrative new six month contract starting 1 December but means less home working and more travelling to and from the office and site. What should a supportive wife do ... offers to take on more of the cooking, laundry and dog walking duties? Well sure, I can do that but then I get myself injured on Sunday, unable to walk, thinking it'll be fine in the morning but by bedtime looks so bad we spend Sunday evening in A&E getting x-rays and talking about the possibility of acute compartment sydrome along with blood clots. I had to talk myself out of being admitted by promising to go back during the night if a certain symptom arose and I had to promise to come back for a follow up appointment first thing in the morning no matter what (on day one of said new contract). I spent £34 on taxis taking me back to hospital yesterday morning.

Happily, they told me the injury is now safe from compartmenting but the more I rest it, the quicker it will heal. The photograph shows what I'm doing today ... finishing my crochet blanket whilst watching Dr Who DVDs (first series with Christopher Eccleston).

Just call me supporto-gal!

So so sorry to my wonderful husband who is looking after me by working from home today. Love you loads xx

I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to get back into the studio to make more beads but it might not be until close to the latest posting date for the USA so if any of you want any of the existing stock from the shop before Christmas, better order now from my Etsy shop. I'm still sending out packages courtesy of my most wonderful husband. So sorry for any inconvenience.


  1. Some people will do anything to get out of extra work...
    Hope you get better soon - nothing so frustrating as being laid up with a foot injury when the rest of you feels fine!

    1. Ha ha :-) yes, you hit the nail exactly on the head (the last bit not the first!)

  2. Oh dear, poor you.
    I had to google compartment syndrome as I'd never heard of it before.
    Resting when you otherwise feel perfectly fit is hard work after you've seen all the DVD's and TV repeats that are worth watching, so I do hope you get back on your feet soon. In my experience you always get something like this when it's least convenient!

    1. Thanks, Jean - I'm quite glad I didn't know what it was before, I only looked it up yesterday when they told me it shouldn't occur now so late after the injury. You're spot on about the inconvenience, I have loads of things I need to be getting on with but it could've been worse so I'm counting my blessings :-)


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