Saturday, 13 December 2014

Heart versus head

Since my Consultant appointment earlier in the week, I've been measuring my calf around where the worst bit of my injury is to see if it's getting any bigger. Unfortunately it's been increasing by a couple of millimetres every day but today is the first it has stayed the same as yesterday - I'm taking that as a huge positive. We won't discuss Thursday's negativity, inability to get on with the dining room curtains or do any housework. It hurt when I walked, it hurt when I sat down normally with feet on the floor, it really hurt when I stood still for more than a minute; it seemed that I would never get to the Rival Sons concert on Saturday night. I sat with my leg painfree on a cushion admiring the day's socks, I crocheted a good deal and I sulked alot. 

On Friday, I was walking a little better, I could even stand up for long enough to make a sandwich without my shin screaming at me. Maybe just maybe ...

So last night we talked about skipping the customary pre-concert drinks, skipping the support act and just turning up at around 9pm for the main act. So what if it puts me back a bit .... it's not very rock 'n roll sitting at home with your leg on a cushion whilst one of the best newish rock acts are playing at a great venue less than an hour's drive away.  Call yourself a rock chick? I can stand at the back for an hour and a half with one of Geoff's old crutches from when he had his operation and if it gets too painful, we can admit defeat but at least we tried.

This morning, with the evidence on the tape measure that the bleeding has really stopped and my leg may finally be getting better .... do I want to put that at risk? My heart is telling me go out in a haze of rock and painkiller-induced stupour and hang the consequences - I can always grow a new leg ... oh no, that's newts isn't it ... but my head (and my everloving husband) tells me it isn't worth it, that there will be other concerts and I should look after my health first. I really hate it when my head is right. 


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