Sunday, 9 November 2014

Little crochet project and hall update

I like to have a few projects on the go at a time when I'm in a manic knitting or crochet streak (crochet at the moment!) The blanket is still continuing to grow but I just finished this little tablecloth and doily for my partly redecorated hallway.

I still have to rub down and undercoat the doors and there's some filling to be done around one of the light switches, two light individual switches have been converted to a single with two switches so I'm having to build that up in layers. I'll do a photograph of the other end of the hallway when that's finished!

At the moment, finishing the hallway decoration is having to wait because we have ordered a carpet for the dining room. It's being fitted on Friday so we're all hands to the deck to get everything as finished as we can before then!

To do list:

  • Rub down the door
  • Undercoat door
  • Gloss architrave and door
  • Tiling to fireplace
  • Put up curtain pelmet
  • Make curtains
  • Shelf over fireplace
  • Wiring up new sockets
  • Fix telephone socket to wall
  • Buy new light fitting and get it fixed
  • Touch up ceiling where masking tape to get a nice clean line has pulled some paint off
  • Fix pre-made bookcases into alcoves (not arrived yet but ordered)
  • Clear all the furniture out before fitter arrives

Some of these like making curtains and the shelf over the fireplace and probably some of the others are definitely not going to get done by Friday but those can be done after the carpet ... I'd better get on with the rest of the jobs I'm down for!


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