Thursday, 18 September 2014

Crochet Lace Curtain

I am very pleased with the way this lace curtain has turned out which I made for the ensuite bathroom. It's my own pattern and made in linen purchased from LinenSpirit on Etsy

Here's a close-up of the lace. It's my own design but very easy once you get going on it. I'm going to write up the pattern and put it up as a free download on my Ravelry projects list when I get round to it.

The lace curtain is held up by using a tension rod which I purchased from an an Amazon shop called speedy. They're really easy to fit, just push and pull them to the length you require. They're only really suitable for very lightweight net curtains (or handmade lace!) This photo also shows a close-up of the heading which I also designed myself.

I really like the shadows that are cast onto the curtain when the weather is sunny outside. It's another one of those small things that can make you happy.

Here's an overall shot without the chair in the way which also shows the little fishes that I have swiming by on the wall, more little things that make me happy!

I've been doing more crochet recently than knitting which is unusual for me. I've just purchased some more yarn and am currently working on some cushions for my lounge.

I have a really colourful small blanket which I finished recently to be used as a chair throw, I've still got to block that so pictures will follow when it's done.


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