Friday, 29 March 2013

Fete on the Strait, Lincoln tomorrow!

I'll be selling my handmade jewellery at the Fete on the Strait in Lincoln tomorrow Saturday, 30 March (craft fair at the bottom of Steep Hill). I will also be selling these blank notebooks with 100% of proceeds to go towards Harvey's operation fund.

Harvey was a stray dog that was never claimed after he'd had his seven days at the pound. Instead of being put to sleep, he was rescued by the Doris Banham Dog Rescue a local, Lincolnshire charity. After he'd been there for a short time it was realised he needed an operation (probably why he was abandoned). It's a very specialised one and will cost about £5,000. We've been fundraising on his Facebook page to save him. So far we've raised half the total we need.

These were purchased as stock for the gallery venture which never got off the ground last year. They're priced at wholesale rates so these are real bargains! They're great quality, hand-dyed and hand-waxed by one of the artists on the Cambridge Art & Craft Market with a ribbon divider and brass motifs/fittings.
I have around 15 or 20 left (been giving them away as presents!)

Small  14cm x 10cm x 2cm, 100 ink friendly blank pages £10.00 per notebook
Medium 16.5cm x 12.5cm x 2.2cm, 150 blank pages approx £12.00 per notebook
Large 21cm x 14.5cm x 2.5cm, 190 blank pages approx. £14.00 per notebook

Colour range: light brown, dark brown, orange, purple, light pink with different brass motifs on the front. Not sure what the paper is made of, she's the type of person that would use sustainable FSA approved stock but I cannot say for sure as I didn't double check.

If I get them made in time, I will also be selling six to eight pairs of earrings made with my own handmade glass beads made by melting Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry bottles - again 100% of the proceeds from those also going to Harvey's fund.

It's going to be a cold old day out there, be nice to see some friendly faces and if you can afford to buy a book or Harvey's Bristol Cream earrings, you'll also be helping Harvey. See you there!


The counter on Harvey's page is out of date, we've raised about half of the total needed for the operation via on-line auctions, raffles etc. as mentioned above, we still need £2,500 - if you can't get to the Fete on the Strait please do feel free to make a donation to the cause, all the details of how to do it are on the page. :-)

PS I know I've not been blogging much, so so busy after the move! The studio is up and running and I have been restocking my Etsy shop. We've had a succession of trades visiting the house doing various work as we're putting in a new bathroom, having some things fixed that were wrong etc. I'll be telling you all about it with photographs soon!