Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New venues

I've had to decide, in the wreckage of galleryRAUXA and leaving my stall in Cambridge, where to sell my jewellery. Having made the break with Cambridge, I didn't really want to return though the management very kindly did offer me a pitch. It's not that I haven't enjoyed being there but 2012 was a difficult trading period for whatever reason - fewer customers spending less.

We've been in an economic downturn for 5 years and my sales always held up pretty well up to this year so I'm not quite sure exactly what has changed. Most of the footfall seems to be diverted elsewhere, indoor shopping venues opening up and the free bus has disappeared, I'm not sure if it's been cut altogether or if its route just doesn't take it by All Saints any more.  Either way, this year, Cambridge hasn't been working for me so even though galleryRAUXA is on a back burner for the time being, I won't be returning.

It's time for a new start somewhere else. 

My next craft fair will be in Lincoln, Castle Square on Saturday 6 October 2012. 

After that, I'll be returning to the Fete on the Strait on Saturday 4 November 2012 also in Lincoln. 

They're both outdoor events so wear your jackets and/or coat with optional hats, gloves and scarves according to the temperature!

Watch out for info about December, I'm having to keep my fingers crossed on that one but there may be some big news soon!

One craft fair a month won't really bring me the income I've become used to. I've been adding some more jewellery to my Sooz Jewels Etsy shop today (including the bracelet photographed above), more will follow. 

I had a brainwave to put the locking cabinets that we purchased for galleryRAUXA into shops with my jewellery in it, we've had some encouraging noises being made by a couple of boutiques so I'll keep you posted on that one, too. DH has been photographing the cabinets with my jewellery in it to tout round to some other outlets - if I do say so myself, it looks great and I can't wait to see the photographs (he's editing them as I type!) 


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