Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lincoln steampunk weekend

Lincoln was buzzing yesterday with the steampunk weekend that is held in the City every year. Lovely weather and lots of people about. This was taken in Castle Square which is the bit at the top of Steep Hill inbetween the Cathedral and the Castle.

It's encouraging for the business community that there always seems to be something on to draw people into the City. DH and I had a stall at the Fete on the Strait just a couple of weeks ago, I forgot my camera that day (duh!) but it was a really lovely occasion some pictures at this link from this is Lincolnshire

Here's a picture of my sister, Sharon with her fiance Martin manning their steampunk stall yesterday selling Impossible Fossils, jewellery and stamps.

I wish I had taken more photographs of all the outfits that the people dressing up had on, they're all very elaborate and authentic. I wasn't feeling very sociable and it would've meant being pleasant to people and asking them to pose - really not on the agenda at the moment!

We just had to torture ourselves and walk down Steep Hill. Here's the Estate Agent's sign above the premises we were supposed to be leasing from last Friday - "Letting Agreed" - yeah, yeah, that's what we though too!

I'm afraid it didn't do much to cheer us up, we went on the hunt for other commercial premises in the area but we had been looking for so long before we found this one, we didn't hold out much hope. The only lettings we could see were for units that are too small.


  1. Gutted for you. What goes around comes around, as you know. Thanks for the plug, though!

  2. It sounds like your premises really have "fallen through", which is an awful shame. I do hope you manage to find something else soon.


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