Sunday, 23 September 2012

An appeal for badgers

If you think the plans to shoot badgers to stop the spread of TB is an absolutely rubbish idea like I do, please can I ask that any UK residents reading this sign this HM Government E-petition created by Save Me's Brian May.

It takes seconds to do, it doesn't want to use some weird application to register and you won't get spammed afterwards either, I have signed quite a few on this website. If they get 100,000 e-signatures the subject will be considered for parliamentary debate. We're up to nearly 90,000 but the rate of signatures is slowing slightly so please at least think about it before ignoring my plea.

When you consider the money that is spent out on compensating farmers for infected cows, surely they can give grants for badger-proof fencing or bring forward the licensing of vaccinations. At the very least until vaccination is legal, we should keep the status quo rather than destroy 70% of the badgers in the test areas, many of these will be healthy animals. :-(


  1. Thank you, both of you. We're up to 99,000 now with your help! Probably reach 100k in a couple of hours. :-) I bet it goes way beyond the target which will hopefully make the government think again.


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