Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bye bye Cambridge

Last Saturday was my last on All Saints Arts & Craft Market. It was smashing weather and I did quite well sales wise. Many times when customers are just looking, they ask how often you're at the market so they can come back (sometimes for Christmas gifts) or a birthday that's coming up. In the past, I've just had to confess I'm there every week and hope they came back but this time I had a killer sales close in that I was able to say "well, if you don't buy it now, it won't be here again!" so I think that helped a bit!

Here's a photo taken of me and Chris Nunn the market manager. He is also leaving this month, next week will be his last week as he's retiring (no-one knows how long he has been doing it, certainly much longer than my nine years) so if you want some of his exquisite hand turned bowls, you'll have to go along this Saturday!

Sarah Jane who makes brilliant bags and jewellery will be taking over and I'm sure she'll do a great job, though Chris is a tough act to follow!

Just as I was packing up, there was an announcement by Sarah Jane (she has a very loud voice!) saying DH and I were leaving the market and everyone wished us well in our new venture. We got a lovely bunch of flowers and a card signed by everyone. It was most unexpected and a huge surprise, most people just leave the market without any fuss or bother. I got quite choked up at that point, I must confess!

So far this week, it doesn't feel like I've left really. I am doing an Art & Craft market this Saturday but it is in Lincoln very close to where galleryRAUXA will be situated. It's called the Fete on the Strait. So I'm doing all the usual things that I do during the week, making beads, making more jewellery to replace what I sold last week and that all important bit .... watching the weather forecast with increasing hope and anxiety!

Hope to see lots of people in Lincoln this Saturday, happy August bank holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Have a great day selling in Lincoln and i know your new Gallery will be awesome. We will all miss you both at All Saints :( x

  2. wishing you all the best... i am sure i signed that card of yours ??? cant seem to find my little message though?? how weird... maybe i put your message in someones elses card?? and yes that is the sort of thing that i would do in a head up bum moment...x good luck guys xx amanda x x

  3. Didn't get a chance to say proper goodbye and good luck Sue. Hope all goes well in your new venture.

    (Sellis of Cambridge Jewellery)'ve probably forgotten us already :0(


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