Monday, 9 April 2012

Comfort blanket finished for Battersea

Here it is finished at last! I got the knitting done fairly quickly at a square or two every evening but I confess the squares sat in my knitting bag for quite a while before I did the sewing up and darning in the ends bit! It's a patchwork of five squares by five which are all about 4 inches. Except for the green squares, each one has a purly paw on it of different sizes and I used five different colours, which made it more interesting to knit. It's folded in half and half again here in my pic. I enjoyed it and may do another.

This is in response to Battersea Dog and Cat's Home appeal to knitters. I'll be posting it out to them tomorrow and hope it helps provide security for a homeless doggie very soon.

Happy Easter to everyone, hope you're enjoying the holiday!


  1. AH, what ever little paws have this, they will love it. :-) X X X

  2. Hi Sue, it's Battersea Dogs & Cats Home here, thanks so much for your lovely blanket! It looks beautiful. We will pop it in a doggy bag as soon as it arrives and give it to one of our foster dogs. Thanks so much.

  3. It should be there by now, I just found the card that I meant to include in the package to say who it's from (oops!) so it will have to be an anonymous donation! :-) Hope it makes a deserving tail wag very soon xxx


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