Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Five new bead sets and looking for my third hairdresser

I've added five new sets of bead just now to the Etsy shop including these. This is a brand new colour in the twiddly twirlies, I did a rusty red version, green and mauve one previously. Given how much I like blue, it's odd that I didn't do a blue one first, anyway the omission is now remedied.
I realised as I was listing that three of the other sets are also blue too but one is a red version of the new deckchair beads
Just got back from the hairdressers. This is my second try at finding a new hairdresser where we're living now. The last one did the cut OK but when she blowdried it, she did it all bouffed up and I looked like a middle-aged spinster, it was all very big hair 80s. She was pregnant, which I didn't know when I made the appointment over the phone else I would've chosen someone else - it's very traumatic changing hairdressers as it is without having to change AGAIN next time you need it trimming. Anyway, I couldn't wait to get home and get the straighteners on it before I was happy with it.

So I had to go to another hairdresser this time, I'm afraid she's given me the worst haircut I've ever had, I told her I wanted it straightening rather than blowdrying after the cut and so deliberately didn't have a shampoo. She didn't listen to anything I told her about my style (which had admittedly disappeared because it I've been putting off going). She has taken far too much off the back and sides and not nearly enough off the top and my fringe. I told her three times to take more off and I just couldn't face having to tell her a fourth time. She still blow dried it after she'd dampened it and I never saw a straightener AT ALL. Sigh. It will grow out I know but am left looking for someone else to cut my hair and due to the small amount she took off the top, it will have to be far sooner than I'd like.

My old hairdresser was a mobile one and she doesn't come out as far as where I live even though it's only 10 miles or so from our last place. All the other hairdressers I've been happy with have left to have families or are now too far away from here. I'm wondering if I could just go bald and shave it myself to save all the trouble, no-one would notice me going grey then ..!


  1. Lovely, lovely jubbley beads there :-) AGAIN :-)
    Ah, when a hairdresser does that to your hair, do as I do and take my own bucket, either that or the nearest puddle....... :-) X X X

  2. Finding the right hairdresser is so difficult.
    This may seem a daft idea but if your old one does mobile hairdressing, could you meet her at a friend's house if you have a friend who lives on her patch, or pay her the extra few quid for her travelling might be worth it for a proper haido. Good luck !!
    Beautiful beads, by the way !!!

  3. Thanks both :-)
    Despite the great suggestions here (always have a bucket handy ..!) I've decided to go back to one of my old hairdressers, it's a 40 minute drive but I really trust her to do the absolute best she can with a bad job, I'm going on Wednesday, it will be such fun to see her again too!


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