Thursday, 1 December 2011

Excuses, excuses

Did anyone hear on the travel bulletins about a lorry of Marmite causing delays somewhere oop North on Monday? I remember commenting to DH about how it was unusual that the radio bulletins actually told you what the lorry was carrying, normally they just say the delay is caused by a broken down/jack knifed/overturned lorry. I didn't think it would affect me in the slightest. By the afternoon they were still reporting it as causing delays but it had turned into a lorry of yeast extract as someone obviously realised they were giving Marmite free advertising. Apparently it closed the motorways both ways, I guess it spread out ... (groan).

I ordered some materials on Monday and I particularly want four 18 inch chains as a bride is picking up four pendants from me on Saturday for her bridesmaids. They should have arrived on Tuesday with the postman as a Special Delivery item. When my package didn't turn up with the postman on Wednesday, I rang the supplier and apparently quite a few of their dispatches haven't been delivered because the yeast extract held up a lorry load of mail. I'm really hoping it will turn up today, if it doesn't, I'm thinking that this will be added to those other notorious and classic excuses ...

  • The dog ate my homework
  • Leaves on the line
  • The wrong kind of snow
  • Marmite on the motorway


  1. I hope the chains arrive sooooon!!!!

  2. Very funny !!

    I remember when I did my motorcycle training and the instructor asked his trainees to name three slippery things to look out for on the road eg: diesel spills, water, leaves, gravel, hay, cow poo......Marmite never occurred to me but it would now ..... slippery stuff, Marmite !!

  3. :-) Thankfully chains arrived on Thursday morning (with no sign of Marmite on the packet at all!)


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