Monday, 4 July 2011

Amber alert

I have been after amber and red recycled glass for some time. Through a circuitous route, I found a Grand Marnier recycled glass vase on Etsy and suddenly realised I had an old bottle at the back of our drinks cabinet. It has been there forever, it must've moved at least twice with us ... DH and I were trying to remember why we bought it, I think it was for a chocolate and orange cheesecake that I only made twice. Anyway, what a bonus!

Just one problem, there's a lot of Grand Marnier left in it and so I have to use that up before I can get my hot little mitts on the glass. I could decant it but after recent adventures in that department, I'm a little shy of doing it again. One morning, I was decanting some Bombay Sapphire gin, some of it got spilled onto my arm and then suddenlhy the window cleaner wanting paying (at 9.30am!) ... he gave me a funny look and I just couldn't be bothered to explain why I smelled of alcohol so early in the day!

Another time, some time ago, I must've decanted some into a Perrier Water bottle. I did write in red on the label "GIN" in capital letters and put the bottle back in the drinks cabinet. I totally forgot about it and got on with my beads!

Sometime later on, DH saw it in the drinks cabinet (ignored my fading scrawl on the Perrier label) and decided that mineral water isn't a drink .... so he put it in the wine rack in the dining room with the mineral water and unsuspecting me poured some into a glass (noting it was a bit flat) and then took a big swig ... yeurggh! As anyone that knows me will realise, I do quite like a gin and tonic (especially Bombay Sapphire) but not neat! We're more wine and beer drinkers in our household, it takes ages to get through a bottle of spirits so I now need to go find some dessert recipes (or summer cocktails) that use Grand Marnier in large quantities or perhaps have a party with a Grand Marnier based punch.


  1. Not sure about that Grand Marnier bottle you have there Sue,I do know that 501 waters down really well. Even after it's been empty and swilled around with water, it could make your eye's water. Grand Marnier, I know there is a small Island off the coast of the Caribbean that had depleated supplies a few years ago. I don't drink... I use it in cooking ...... honestly !
    :-)x x x

  2. :-) I'm thinking the same! I did try a cocktail yesterday early evening which was 1 part GM, 3 parts tonic (supposed to be soda water but I didn't have any) juice of half a lime and 7 mint leaves over loads of ice. It was very refreshing and I did enjoy it but I wouldn't like to get into the habit of having it too often!

    We often make a dish of Normandy Chicken using an apple brandy, apples, chicken and creme fraiche. I'm thinking if this is an orange brandy, I could modify the recipe to do a duck and orange dish ... that might just fly ... ;-)

  3. Can't wait to see what the GM bottle is going to transform to :)
    I always love to read your stories and see what you're up to - please come and check my blog for a beam of sunshine if you have a minute :)

  4. Ummmm, I wish you were closer to Ohio. I looove Grand Marnier and would be happy to help you consume it, lol!


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