Monday, 20 June 2011

New look and a Blogger question

I have had a bit of a tidy up and smartened up the blog, what do you think? Feels roomier and looks fresher IMHO. Website needs a revamp next! I haven't updated it for ages.

I have a query that I'm hoping other Blogger users can answer. Is there a direct route to the Dashboard from the public face of one's blog? I always click "New Post" and then "Dashboard" to see whether there are any comments needing moderation, is that how everyone else does it? I keep thinking I must be missing something as it seems daft to have to click twice to get to the most useful part of Blogger.

My visualisation strategy hasn't worked for bug preventation, I'm afraid I have succumbed to DH's cold. I have had better weekends, it has to be said! I missed the market as I was feeling too bunged up and poorly, and then my mum had to go into hospital because she dislocated her hip. I can't go see her in case I pass it on to her, it's the last thing she (or anyone else in hospital) needs. We're having a family bar-b-q round sister, Sandy's house on Sunday so we're hoping she'll be well enough for that. Get well soon, mum! xxx


  1. Ah, sorry about your Mum Sue. Karina would know just how she must have felt. REST AND GET WELL SOON MUM....
    Sue take some lemsip :-)
    As for blogger.... it's a world of it's own and who knows !
    Someone must !

  2. Forgot to say, clean looking, better looking blog :-) x x x

  3. That's a pretty background!
    As far as I have found, the only way to get to 'dashboard' is through 'new post' or 'next blog'. Seems a very silly way of doing it, you should be able to access it immediately. I'd like to know an easier way too!

  4. I agree it's daft having to take the round about way to the dashboard. You get there immediately when you sign in but after that the only way is in "design", etc.
    Sometimes I keep the dashboard page open by doing everything else in a new tab, which seems to work.
    The new look to the blog is very good - I like it.

  5. Love the freshen-up! And I'm adoring your recycled glass beads... I was contemplating trying recycled glass about 2 years ago. I'm so excited to see your work!

  6. Thanks, lovely to hear from you all, glad it's not just me! :-)


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